Below are three VR projects that I have worked on since 2021, as well as a composition for a VR project by Eric Carter. All three are still under development. 

VR Prototype - Crime Scene Witness Memory Project (2022-)

VR prototype of a crime scene for a research project on eyewitness testimony that I developed within the framework of a University Diploma on VR and Psychology at Université Paris Cité.


VR Prototype of a Skatepark Experience (2021-)

VR prototype of a Skatepark experience, which I co-created as part of a team of four students during the 2021 Antwerp Summerschool on Storytelling in VR. I was the team's Unity developer. I also contributed to the storytelling, design and 3D modelling of the North Antwerp Skatepark. 



VR Prototype on Performance Anxiety (2021-)